Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

December 11, 2010

baby, get well soon )):

this morning, he said his going to the hospital. i was fucking worried about him. i called him like 100times but he never pick up. But then he called me back he said his admitted. i was like fucking shocked that time. i don't know my feeling i wanna cry or what. plus i have exam after that. i totally cannot concentrate, my head is like flying on the sky thinking of him. Only god know how much i love this guy. OHMAIGOD! i want to meet him tonight,i want to hug him and kiss his forehead. but he said tonight cannot, the meeting time limit past already. So i'll gonna meet him tomorrow. I'm going to bring him bubur and maybe anything he wants.I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Dear God, i'm begging you please help him. don't let him suffer from this disease. i cannot hear his voice crying and begging me saying that he want to go home. Help him to recover as soon as possible, i pray to you God. i love him so much )):

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