Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

January 21, 2012

Is this what we called as God fate.

Hi there readers! it's 0232am in the morning and here I am deciding to blog again after weeks abandoning it. I was actually quite busy with college stuff and I just didn't have any idea on what to blog. But now, I finally have something to spill out; I am f*cking happy right now! hahahah, i know this may sound crazy but ever since 10 Jan i can feel some changes in my life. I'm being extra happy, and excited like nobody business. I shall thanks to my friend Fakh, who intro me to him and bring him to my place. Will never forget the moment I saw his face, my heart keep telling me that ' he is the one ', my heart skips 123467899 beats everytime I got to see his face. But at the same time, i just feel so worried and scared because I feel like this is too early. But yeah, i don't feel its wrong to know someone new. After two days knowing him, he confessed. I know I shouldn't let this thing happened but what can I do, Im just a girl who need a boyfriend that can protect me and take good care of me, That's all. I just didn't give up on myself and keep moving on, I know he is for me and I deserves to have his love. Well, I'm just hoping that this time everything will work out and no more heartaches. Amin.

January 15, 2012

I didn't give up, I moved on.

I wish I could ride my bike forever. I wish the sun would never go down. The summer will go on,
and on, until the person is out on the streets, and feeling like me<3

January 10, 2012

Gonna miss you little twinny :{

So, my little cousin which i really close to is going to Kyuem for A levels. Hmm this is sad, after this when I come to her house she will not be around. Alaah tak bestnya, but whatever it is I always remind her that I have her back and she have me even we are way far from each other. I love you twinny :D
mini azhar <3

January 5, 2012

You made me smile :')

Heeeeelllllooooooo readers! it's almost 12.30 am in the morning and here I am deciding to blog again since I got nothing to do. Just so you know, I can't stop smiling until now. You know why? My adorable Arshad Zamir followed me on twitter. harharhar. Oh my god, he is one hell adorable guy that I really adore ever since Master Chef Malaysia started. I admit I am mentally and physically crazy over him especially when seeing him cooking. Everytime he cooked, he will always come out with something new and fresh ideas, he's so talented and I am so proud of him that he made it to the semifinal. Even he won't be able to compete in the finals, he's still a winner to all of us and especially me hewhew. So what ever it is, this is not the end of the road Zamir. I will always support you and hopefully you will shine in the culinary world. Much love, your biggest fans Nana :P

January 4, 2012

Unexpected, it was

Today, is one of the best day of my life! You know why? Arshad Zamir, the only 19 year old Master Chef Malaysia contestant added me on facebook and i was like is this really him? hahahah. Well actually, i'm the one who asked him to add me up cause of this annoying too many friends request. I started to inbox him, and after 2 mins he replied me and said done with 'heart shape' oh my god i scream like nobody business. I checked on my wall and his friend request was on top, and what else would i do rather then approved his request. hehehe, a second after that I replied him and said thank you ohh then conversation begin.... This is secret anyways, I really adore him very much. I don't care what people said about him I will always support him. Well,who knows 1 day i will be his girl friend lalala :D I think tonight I'm gonna sleep with a smile plastered on my face. *don't be jealous* Good night, earth : )

my adorable cute Arshad Zamir <3

January 1, 2012

Once again, wishing ya'll HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hola, it's 2012! I'm sure everyone had a great NY celebration and so do I. Well, every year i had different way of celebrations. Usually I would just stay up infront of the TV with mom and sissy, doing nothing and watch fireworks if i want to and for last year I spend my NYE with best friends and baby boy which i had the awesome NY celebration ever. But this time, I spent it with my family and mom's friend instead. It's not I never spend with family it's just that this year celebration is a bit different because dad and eldest sister was not around. It was just a simple dinner, and we went to The Curve for countdown and watch the fireworks. It was a beautiful scenery, especially when you watching it with the loved ones. 

ushering in 2012 in white :)
Aunty Jenny and mom<3
Last night was definitely a great ending to 2011 and a memorable beginning to 2012!

It's the last day of 2011, and I don't feel like celebrating it :(

It's sad when i can't celebrate The New Year's eve with the one i called best friend. I cried to myself everytime i see those people planning about this and that. It's seems so hard for me to keep on moving to 2012 where i should be happy to enjoy the last moment of 2011. Texted her, to keep me feel that she's here right beside me like how we used to do on the last new year's eve. Oh this is sad man, the moment she told me that she wanted to come back home just to celebrate with me i literally cried. I should be thankful family is still here with me. But i do believe she's a strong girl, though she's not here i can feel you. The relationship of best friend that we build on 2010 until now is still going strong. Always remember, I love you Best friend.
Farah Amyra <3