Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

December 20, 2010

Love, i'm so sorry

Baby, i don't mean to hurt you. Its just out of my controlled, dah mak ckp we have to balik rumah atok. i can't do anything everything happened in last minute. So worst come to worst i have to go. No excuses, cs its quite a long time we're not going back atok's house sayang. I'm so so sorry, i know i made you so disappointed.Yeah, we planned to spend time together from last week. But end up, i ruined everything. But that doesn't mean we cannot go out after this sayang. Just this time kan tak jadi, before this we planned anything semua okayy kan. Baby please, stop being like this. jgnlah merajuk baby. im begging you sayang. ohh anyway, mak rindu you baby.Kan tak sempat nak tgok you when you still admitted hospital. So she said, she wanna see you soon! love you baby <3

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