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Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

March 21, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! and I love you soooo much

Malam muda mudi or 60's night requested by my daddy Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal(MK) as theme for  his birthday. It was fucking fun night we had with families, MK staff's and all VIP'S that coming.  The party started at 8.30pm and here i have all the photos at that night, so sorry if its not really clear cs i dont have time to snap a good photos. Apa tak nya, tak habis2 agogo dan twist tak ingt dunia. HAHAHA

This was the opening ceremony by,
Saloma wanna be ni dia tgh flirt dgn sorang uncle oh btw
*he's guy HAHA
Marilyn Monroe tak boleh blah -.-
Cake cutting with 4 birthday songs
(my daddy in blue shirt)the birthday boy 

While eating those delicious food, we've been entertained
by many groups from MK staff's. Each group did a very good job!
Lepas makan apa lagi poco poco lah =]
Birthday boy, play his favourite instruments especially for that night
Me from the back, seriously masa ni mmg dah tak ingt dunia,
dah mcm 60's club tahu tak! Haha and I siap bertwist dgn our
ex Prime minister Tun Mahathir jangan main2 xD
Shida Harmi one of Mk's Staff
Kak puteh

This was taken at1.33am. We end up the party with 'dancing queen song'
Semua tak nak balik and keep on saying one more please! Yelah, semua dah sasau twist.
It was so fun, we're dancing like crazy, screaming and laughing the whole night plus
semua org dah tak nak balik hahaha.

And daddy, I wish you once again happy belated birthday. No one can replace
him from me. I love you dad