Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

May 17, 2011

Once Upon A time

there lived a beautiful princess with a deep dark secret. she ruled over a tiny village in the woods but was loved by each and every one of the villagers. she would walk the roads with the posture of a swan, always showing a smile to those who looked her way. she never rode a horse for it hurt her. you see, her terrible secret was that she was carved out of wood. one day, a sickly old woman became very lonely so she carved a beautiful girl out of a very special tree in the woods and called her, her own. but sad to say, soon after life was breathed into the girl, the old woman died. this woman was the queen and their secret died with the old queen. so nobody knew, for if they did, they would get scared and kill her. they always questioned her posture, the way she walked and the way her eyes were so glassy but the villagers ignored their doubts and carried on with their lives. everything was perfect in this tiny little village until one day, the princess fell and broke her leg. the villagers tried to help her until they realised the rings on the inside of her legs. this scared them, so they picked the princess up and went to the highest tower. there, they threw her of and watched her fall and break into pieces. the princess didn’t move for, she couldn’t. so she laid there, staring at her broken body, wondering how this could have happened. they once loved her but now they no longer want her, because she was different. and as the last breath left the princess, she looked up at the tower and smiled. that was when the villagers realised, it was too late. she was gone. their scared hearts took their beautiful princess away from them.

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