Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

January 21, 2012

Is this what we called as God fate.

Hi there readers! it's 0232am in the morning and here I am deciding to blog again after weeks abandoning it. I was actually quite busy with college stuff and I just didn't have any idea on what to blog. But now, I finally have something to spill out; I am f*cking happy right now! hahahah, i know this may sound crazy but ever since 10 Jan i can feel some changes in my life. I'm being extra happy, and excited like nobody business. I shall thanks to my friend Fakh, who intro me to him and bring him to my place. Will never forget the moment I saw his face, my heart keep telling me that ' he is the one ', my heart skips 123467899 beats everytime I got to see his face. But at the same time, i just feel so worried and scared because I feel like this is too early. But yeah, i don't feel its wrong to know someone new. After two days knowing him, he confessed. I know I shouldn't let this thing happened but what can I do, Im just a girl who need a boyfriend that can protect me and take good care of me, That's all. I just didn't give up on myself and keep moving on, I know he is for me and I deserves to have his love. Well, I'm just hoping that this time everything will work out and no more heartaches. Amin.

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