Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

December 28, 2010

28th of December 2010♥

This is what he send to me for our first anniversary : 
      I bersyukur dapat bersama dgn you selama setahun ni. I sentiasa menyayangi you sepenuh hati walaupun       kadang kadang i bersabar dgn you. I love you so damn much sayang and i sentiasa ingt detik detik and kenangan manis kita. I love you Siti Dianah Zaifuddin

* this massage was send at110.46pm. Guess what, he asked me can he send this text now. he said he can't wait to wish me cs this is our first year anniversary. So he was been so excited to make this wish hahaha. Aww, that is so cute baby.

This is from me for baby :
       Sayang terima kasih utk selama ni, thanks sebab bersama i susah dan senang i. Tak jemu dengan perangai i and the most important thing is thank you for always making me happy through all this one year baby. And i really hope this relation ship that we build from 28th of December 2009 will last long till the end of our life. Baby i love you so much my hunny bunny bum bum sugar plum. ROSZAIMI MOHD AKU CINTA PADAMU! hahahaha

* I replied at 10.52 pm. I've been so excited too replied this massage. I have a lot of sweet things to talk with him but you know what! hes got to sleep so early and it was only at 11.01pm. Ohmaigod baby, we only have one more hour to celebrate this happiness baby. Aiyaya, Nahh its okay, i go to sleep either then : )

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