Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

December 29, 2010

My happiest day EVER!

On our anniversary day,
At first we promised to meet up in the morning before i went to kl. But then faa said tak jadi, so we changed the planned to go Ou. So i asked baby to come over, but then he said he don't want to disturb us shopping cs faa's is going back to sarawak soon.Hmm i shouldn't do that to him laa, supposedly i go out with baby to celebrate our first year anniversary.But i promised faa to accompany her pulak. Teruk ah aku ni!Guess what! Baby still dtg ou td walaupun kejap, i tried to coax him and finally he came. Sempat lagi kitaorg gado hehe. After he bought his tshirt from Top man, he wanted me to buy anything i want.Ohmaigod! i don't expected this, he was like forcing me to buy anything i want. Aww i'm so touched, he really want me to buy a handbag cs before this i was mumbling to get a new vintage handbag from Miss Selfridge. Actually i don't want anything for this anniversary cs it's not about giving a present or what as long as he love me and loyal to me is enough. But he keep pushing me to buy something, and i was like hahaha with blushing face. We went to Miss Selfridge but the bag are sold already ) : urghh, finally i found the bag that similar with the one yg ada kat Miss Selfridge tu dkt Cotton On terus dia belikan bag and also a bracelet. Baby Thank you so much sayang! Next surprise before he went back he gave me a cute frame from SSF hahah comel laa baby! Guess what, i gave him a photo of our moments and put it all together in one. And i bought him a tshirt from Padini Baby sorry i terlupa nak tampal card kat kotak photo tu,haha dah tak bole blah ayat you ckp i tak semangat :p and wait for my next surprise k, i give the tshirt on this coming friday. Jyeahhhh :))