Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

April 23, 2011

JB's concert was awesomeeeeeee!

on our way to JB concert. and that time was 2.45pm :)
spotika and nina with their purple outfit
spot at my sister back! the que was fucking long!
everyone was wearing purple at that time including
the guys! hahah so funny xD
jayjay and ean was so funny that time haha
this is one of JB' biggest fan. and the are Beliebers :O
ehem ehem jgn marah haa :P
this is only half of them, i saw thousands or maybe millions of people
at there. Mmg betul2 BIEBER FEVER!
The Stage
Millions of Bielibers  
Sumpah Aku menangis tgk dia :'(
after 4 months, finally i got the chance to see him
even though the raining was so strong, we can still enjoy the night!
me and sabby cried for JB so many times! =)
Hot kan kitaorg dgn raincoat lagi tuuu hihi

We seriously had so much fun last night. we we're jumping up and down, screaming
like hell and stuff. Best night ever! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER! ♥ xo

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