Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers
i love you so much Amy Mohd

April 21, 2011

Today exam turned fucked up!

Advertising principle 9am-12pm :
At first i was fucking excited to answer yelah mana taknya Sir Azry bg dirext tips *sebiji2 dia bgtahu apa keluar. So i prepared everything earlier, started reading from 4pm till 2 am and and slept for 1hour then continue. I keep on reading the same thing and with a big hope i can get A. The question starts with multiple question i answered it with a big smile and gerenti i can get all right cs theres only 10 questions. Next when it comes to structure the first and second question still in a big smile but when it comes to the 3rd question im stuck! i read the research and stuffs but this fucking brain couldn't remember! i cried for a moment, and skipped to next question alhamdulillah still can answer but the next FUCKING ESSAY make me pissed! i dont even read the thing and it was unexpected and guess what the marks for that essay is 25! Me, Damien, Jamil, Jasmine,Fazrul was freaking pissed after we checked all the answer with Sir Azry. Yaallah, kau lembutkanlah hati sir supaya bg kitaorg lulus. I know i did the best and my friends did the best and now we pray and let God lead us! 

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